All Commodities Trading Ltd
Western Canadian Commodity Trading Company

AC Trading Ltd

Quality and timeliness are the keys to our customers and this is our focus. We are constantly upgrading our cleaning operations to ensure we meet these goals.

Our facilities are strategically located near Saskatchewan’s two major transportation hubs and are spread out to cover most of Saskatchewan’s growing areas.

Processing Plants

AC Trading only ships out of special crops dedicated plants. The three main plants are:

southsaskSouthsask Quality Processors Ltd
Corner of Pinkie Rd and 13th Ave Regina, Sk 306-352-5200
This plant handles mustard seed, lentils of all types, canary seed and peas.





CencanCencan Processors Ltd
Delisle, Sk 306-493-2200
This plant is one of only a few left in Western Canada that exclusively handle mustard seed.





southlandSouthland Pulse
Estevan, Sk 306-634-8008
This plant handles lentils, peas and canary seed.





AC Trading

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