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Quality and timeliness are the keys to our customers and this is our focus. We are constantly upgrading our cleaning operations to ensure we meet these goals.

Our facilities are strategically located near Saskatchewan’s two major transportation hubs and are spread out to cover most of Saskatchewan’s growing areas.

About Us

AC Trading is dedicated to sourcing, processing and shipping Western Canadian special crops. That is their sole focus. AC Trading has over 15 years of experience in special crops and has grown and adapted to the changes in the market over that time. During those 15 years, AC Trading has formed strong relationships with special crops growers and contracts with many of the same farmers every year.

AC Trading also ships its products out of dedicated special crops plants that are owned and operated by them. As identity preservation and traceability become more important all the time, AC Trading knows dedicated facilities are key to meet these changing needs of the end users.

AC Trading


Leadership Profile

Kevin Dick - PresidentKevin Dick is the president and owner of All Commodities (AC) Trading Ltd based out of Winnipeg, Canada. He is also president and owner of both Southsask Quality Processors Ltd which operates a large special crops processing plant in Regina, Saskatchewan and Cencan Processors Ltd which is a mustard processing facility in Delisle, Saskatchewan.

Kevin graduated with his MBA from the University of Manitoba in 1993 and started working with United Grain Growers right out of university. He got his start in the specialty crop business with UGG in 1995, working there until 2001. That year, he went into partnership with Commodity Marketing Company, a large buyer of bird food product based out of the US, to run their Canadian operation. In 2008, Kevin left Commodity Marketing to open his own company, All Commodities (AC) Trading Ltd. During that time, he has established strong bonds with all members of the supply chain, from the grower to the end user.

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Contact Information

Kevin Dick (President)
Tel: 204.339.8001
Fax: 204.339.8002

AC Trading Ltd.
1600 Two Mile Rd
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Customer Committment

Communication and information are critical factors to the success of those in our industry.

AC Trading is committed to providing objective and relevant information to help its customers make their buying decisions.