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Cut And Paste Function Does Not Work On Google Docs?

That’s where the Windows Startup Repair tool comes in. It checks for missing or corrupt files and configuration settings that prevent your PC from booting up correctly. If these two conditions are true, proceed to the steps below. Otherwise, restart your PC till you can move the cursor or use an external mouse. You could also check out other troubleshooting methods.

  • This location setting should be more permanent that the ones done through Microsoft’s settings interface.
  • If you are a channel member, you need to have permission to share the screen.
  • In this case, we will be using a very powerful yet simplified software called MacKeeper.

Start by selecting “Let my operating system decide” under Low-Latency Hardware Acceleration. Restart Discord and try sharing the screen. If that doesn’t fix it, choose the other two options one by one.

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Discord developer b1nzy implemented this easter egg. When your search leads to no results, Discord will sometimes display an “empathy banana” instead of the usual no results dialogue. That should provide you with all the files you need. Save this last text file as “bot.js” in your Discord bot folder. On the “Updates” page, find Discord and tap “Update” next to it. If you do not see Discord on the list, you do not have any updates available for it.

Cant Connect To Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot? Heres The Easy Fix!

You can also check with your ISP to ensure they aren’t experiencing network issues. Manually re-install your Surface Pro’s drivers and firmware. Visit Microsoft’s driver and firmware landing page and find the link to the Surface Pro model you own. It will show the most recent firmware at the top, so select the checkbox next to it and click Download. Wi-Fi frequencies can also affect the connection between your Windows 10 laptop and Android’s mobile hotspot.

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